All You Should Know : Passing Your K53 Learners Test the First Time

A K53 learners license is a necessity for anybody applying for a driving license in South Africa. You will be qualified to drive as soon as you have passed your learners, but always under the guidance of a licensed driver. For a more detailed professional review on Eat Out Cape Town visit learners license as well as passing your learners license .

The K53 test questions your knowledge on road signs and marking, rules of the road and vehicle controls.
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Learning for My K53 Test

The K53 learners is an straight foward test but you must to be well prepared for the questions that will be asked and how they are set out. Learn all 3 sections of the test properly so that writing the test is easy. Of all the students who sit the K53 test for the first time, 50% fail. You must be in the group who pass. Passing and obtaining your K53 learners license is the sole purpose of writing the test!

Practice Tests for the K53

Try out our test papers on SA Learners License and get in some practice for the actual test. Just buying the K53 guide and trying to learn for the test is not going to help that much, because you really do not know what to expect during your test.

With our practice tests, you will get: